Home Inspections

Included but not limited to….


Pre-Purchase Inspections

When you purchase a home, you’re also buying any problems that come with it. These problems can add up to a large expense. Pre-Purchase Inspections can help alleviate your chances of big problems! We can help identify past repairs, faulty wiring, plumbing issues, foundational issues, and even potential roofing and HVAC concerns. Inspect before you buy, you'll be glad you did!


Pre-Listing Inspections

Be in a stronger position for negotiations and maximize your selling price by having your home inspected BEFORE listing it on the market. If you choose to make repairs before listing, you’ll have plenty of time. Fix them and get more money for your home. In today's market you want to capitalize on all opportunities in order to help sell you home quicker and for a higher price. Let potential buyers know they are dealing with sellers that aren't messing around!


New Construction Inspections

When you buy a new construction home without an inspection, you’re placing yourself at the mercy of the people who built it. A new construction inspection allows you to catch construction issues early, before they become major problems down the road. You don't want to be responsible for something that can be fixed by the builder BEFORE you buy the home. It may seem like this is a step you can skip with a new home but you don't want to be the one "for others to learn from". This small action can be what saves you time, money and tons of headaches later. Get your inspection scheduled today!


One Year Warranty Inspections

Most builders provide you with a one year warranty after residing in your new construction home. It is crucial to have your house inspected by the 11th month of the warranty to provide you time to address any issues with your home builder. Take advantage of the opportunity to address any issues you may have found during the first months in your new home. With a home inspection we can professionally document these issues which will help you when contacting your builder. Roofing, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical are common warranty related items.

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